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Product Detail

RTV silicone rubber (107 rubber)


Product Characteristic:

Chemical name is a, w-dihydroxy polydimethylsiloxane, the viscosity of the hydroxyl silicone oil above 1500Mpa. 

S called 107 silicone rubber.This product has not only the general properties of methyl silicone oil, but also 

the reactivity of hydroxyl group, which can be used to make some new materials, or crosslinking elastomer 

(or membrane field).

This product is Colorless transparent liquid with excellent electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, 

high flash point and low freezing point. It can be used for long term under the condition of -50oC~+250oC

Technical index:

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid.

Viscosity(25oC,Mpa.s): 50~1000000(customized according to customer's requirements).

Product usage:

1. Medium and high viscosity products used as the base adhesive of anti-adhesion agent for paper, curing film 

has good anti-adhesion effect.Such as label backing paper, asphalt wrapping paper, sealing paper tape backing 

paper, decoration paper backing paper, etc.

2, used in the electric power industry, as the main component of insulation paint or as a component of insulator.

3. Used as base adhesive and diluent for condensation type RTV silicone rubber, such as the base stock of 

sealant and mold adhesive.

Usage and dosage:

Commonly used with curing agent to achieve crosslinking curing, When used for anti-sticking paper,Coupling 

agents must also be used for fixation, The dosage of general curing agent accounts for 3 ~ 5% of base gum, 

coupling agent accounts for 0.5 ~ 1% , In most cases, solvent is used to dilute the base adhesive for 10 

times before adding curing agent and coupling agent to stir evenly and coating on the surface of the base 

material, curing at room temperature or heating. More than 30 minutes for room temperature, heating 120 ~ 150 ° C

for 30 seconds.Used for sealant and mould base adhesive without solvent. After adding curing agent, stir well 

(curing agent for single component is different from that for two components), and curing can be done within 

30 ~ 120 minutes after defoaming.


Do not mix with acid base substances, alkoxy silane and steam at high temperature, otherwise it will tend to 

cure and change viscosity.

Packing and storage:

1. The product is packed in 200kg iron drum and 1000kg plastic drum, and shall not contact with strong acid 

and strong alkali substances;

2. Store at room temperature in a ventilated and cool place;

3. storage and transport according to non-toxic non-dangerous goods.

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