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Product Detail

Methyl vinyl silicone rubber(110 raw rubber)


Product Characteristic:

This product is a high polymer polysiloxane containing methyl and vinyl. Its structure is as follows:


R represent methyl or vinyl, The silicon rubber vulcanized with this product has excellent electrical 

insulation, non-toxic, tasteless, no corrosion, aging resistance, resistance to high and low temperature, 

resistance to chemicals, resistance to arc corona, toughness, elasticity, compression permanent 

deformation is small, good physical and mechanical properties, can be used in the temperature environment 

of -60℃ ~ +250℃.

Technical index:

Appearance: colorless transparent adhesive

Vinyl content: 0.03-5%

Molar mass: 0.35 to 1 million

Product usage:

Base gum for mixing rubber, used in mould pressed products

1.Production of various silicone tube, pad, film, tape, disk, miscellaneous parts.

2, Medical and health: used for making some silicone rubber artificial tube, guide tube.

3, Used for making mobile phone, computer keys, cable sleeve, high voltage cap, insulator, high 

temperature resistant washer and other electrical insulation materials.

4, High quality parts produced by aerospace industry have good weather resistance, shock absorption, 

high temperature resistance and other high-quality parts.

5. Make swimming caps and diving equipment.

6. Used for making molding silicone rubber and paper anti-stick agent cooperate with hydrogen 

silicone oil.

7. Used as mold release agent for rubber, plastic, etc.

8. Used as a base for waterproof jacket oil and shampoo.

9. Used as hammer marking agent in coating industry.

10. Raw materials of modified materials and USES to be developed.

Usage and dosage:

This product is unmixed silicone rubber (raw rubber), which needs to be mixed by itself before 

vulcanization, and then vulcanized by common rubber processing method under certain temperature and 

pressure.For mold release agent, it is usually diluted 10-20 times with gasoline in advance, and then 

sprayed to the surface of the mold;For jacket oil and shampoo, it is usually needs to be emulsified 

into emulsion and then added 2-10% to the system for use.Add 1-5% to the system according to the 

degree of hammer when making hammer agent.


This product should not be mixed with strong acid and strong base, otherwise it has the tendency of 

viscosity change.

Packing and storage:

1. The product is packed in cartons of 25kg, and shall not be in contact with strong acid or alkali 


2. Store at room temperature in a ventilated and cool place;

3, According to non-toxic and non-dangerous goods storage and transport.

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