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Product Detail

Insulating silicone rubber


Product Characteristic:

The product has excellent processing plasticity, good electrical insulation, electrical corrosion resistance, hydrophobicity, fire resistance 

and so on. Creepage resistant has reached 1A4.5 level. Moulding pressing and injection moulding two categories of products can better fit the 

user's different technological requirements;Suitable for the production of various specifications of composite insulator, lightning arrester 

and railway, urban light rail electrification lines and other high and low voltage electrical accessories.

Technical index:


Adding amount of vulcanizing agent: liquid "double-2, 5", electrical insulating adhesive 0.4%.Vulcanization condition of test piece :175℃×5 


Packing and storage:

1. The product is packed in 20kg carton with dry and clean lined blue gasket (or blue vacuum packing bag).

2. Packaging require no impurities, water infiltration, handling lightly to prevent damage to the packaging and inner product.

3. It shall be protected from rain, moisture, sun, acid and alkali and other impurities during transportation. Please store it in a cool, dry

 and ventilated place.

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