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Product Detail

BY-H2021 Methyl hydro-silicone oil emulsion


Product Characteristic:

By-H2021 is an emulsion of BY-H202.In addition to the performance of dimethyl silicone oil, 

it also has active si-h bond in its molecular structure, which can participate in a variety 

of chemical reactions, and can be cross-linked at low temperature, with good film formation 

and waterproof effect.

Technical index:

Appearance: milky liquid

Specific gravity (25℃) : 1.0 hydrogen content :≥ 1.5%

PH value: 5 ~ 6

Stability: 3000r/min, 15 minutes without stratification

Active substance content: 30%

Product usage:

1.the biggest advantages of methyl hydrogen silicone oil waterproof effect is good, it is 

under the effect of metal salt catalysts, the low temperature can be got behind in membrane, 

waterproof membrane formed in the surface of various substances, can be used as fabric, 

glass, ceramics, paper, leather, cosmetics (lipstick, etc.), metal, cement, marble and 

other materials waterproof treatment.

2. As the main raw material of silicon-hydrogen addition reaction, it can further 

synthesize a variety of modified silicone oil and serve as the crosslinking agent for 

shaping silicone rubber.

3. Other applications to be developed.

Usage and dosage:

1% for surface treatment and 5% for crosslinking agent.


Emulsified silicone oil made from Hydrogen silicone oil, because it contains active 

hydrogen, so it’s not very stable, should not store for a long time, it is better 

to use it now. Its stability can be increased by adjusting its PH to around 4 to 6, 

or by adding some acetaldehyde. The storage life of emulsion products should not 

exceed 3 months.

Packing and storage:

1.This product is non-toxic, according to non-dangerous goods storage and 

transportation, 50kg, 200kg plastic drum or galvanized iron drum packaging.

2. Prevent exposure to sunlight or store under 30℃;Should be stored alone, away 

from oxide and other chemical products;Proper ventilation storage.

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