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Product Detail

BY-N3213 Amino silicone emulsion


Product Characteristic:

This product is a kind of super molecular polysiloxane material produced by emulsion 

polymerization with advanced technology. With the introduction of amino group by 

advanced technology, the product has good smoothness, softness and water resistance.

The introduction of hydroxyl can enhance the film formation of the product, thereby 

reducing oil sensation and enhancing the resilience of the sorted product.

Technical index:

1. Appearance: Creamy yellow translucent liquid

2. Solid content :30±2%

3. Ionic type: cation

4. Stability (3000r/min) : no stratification for 20 minutes

Product usage:

1. As a high-grade softener, it can be used for finishing fibers and fabrics. After 

finishing, it can endow the fabric with excellent smoothness, softness, resilience, 

durability and long-term washability.

2. High-grade leather conditioner, used for finishing all kinds of leather to make 

leather soft and smooth and improve leather grade.

3. As an additive in shampoo, it can make hair soft, smooth and silky after washing.

4. Other applications to be developed.

Usage and dosage:

1. When treating the fabric as a softener, mix this product and water in a ratio of 

1:20 to well, it can be used when mixing it into working fluid. Two - dip - two - rolling 

process is recommended.

2, when used as leather conditioner, can be directly used or add distilled water 1-2 

times stir evenly, spray on the leather surface, drying, that will be have a excellent 

soft, smooth effect.

3. It is recommended to add 1% ~ 5% as the additive of shampoo.


1. This product is cationic microemulsion, Attention should be paid to compatibility 

with other materials when using. If it must be used with anion materials, It can be 

used after protection by adding zwitterionic surfactant.

2. When diluting with water, add distilled water to dilute the product.

Packing and storage:

1, should be sealed in a clean polyethylene plastic barrels or plastic lined iron 

barrels, shall not contact with strong acid, strong alkali substances.

2. It should be stored in a cool and dry place with ventilation. The room temperature 

should be 4 ~ 35℃, not too high or too low.

3, this product with 5, 10, 25, 50 nanostructural structural structural structural 

structural structural structural packing of polyethylene plastic barrels or 200 

nanostructural iron barrels.Press avirulent blame dangerous goods carriage.

4, the storage period of one year, more than one year, after the re-inspection can 

be used.

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