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Product Detail

BY-N3221 Amino silicone oil emulsion


Product Characteristic:

BY-N3221 Amino silicone oil emulsion is made by BY-322 amino silicone oil emulsion After 

emulsification, It has all the excellent properties of BY-322 amino silicone oil, to the 

human body hair and fabric such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp fiber has a strong adsorption, 

with hair or the reactive group in fiber combined closely, a solid layer of protective 

film from forming on the surface, have a lasting, smooth and glossy, soft wear-resisting, 

folding and washable.Can be directly added to the formula, use more convenient.

Technical index:

Appearance: pale yellow, transparent to translucent liquid

Ionic: nonionic or amphion

Solid content: 20±2% or 30±2%

PH value: 6.0 ~ 7.5

Stability (3000r/min) : no layering for 20 min

Product usage:

1. It can make hair softer, smoother and brighter when applied to high-end hair care 

cosmetics, and significantly reduce carding power. It is also anti-static and washable.

2. It is used to treat cotton, wool, hemp, silk and other fabrics, making them soft, 

smooth and elastic.Therefore, this product is the ideal material for making hairdressing 

cosmetics and high-grade fabric soft finishing agent.

3, for wood, leather furniture, floor polish, protection.

4. Other applications to be developed.

Usage and dosage:

1. used for shampoo, hair care cosmetics, It is necessary to use amphoteric or nonionic 

surfactant to emulsify amino silicone oil into emulsion when using it, Then according to 

the solid content of 0.5 ~ 1% of standard ratio used in shampoo, conditioner, baking oil, 

mousse and other hair care cosmetics. Dy-3221 amino silicon emulsion is a emulsified 

silicon emulsion, which can be added directly.

2. It is used for soft finishing of cotton, wool, linen, silk and other needle textiles. 

When used, it is emulsified first, and then the amino silicon emulsion after emulsification 

is added into the finishing water wash, which can be used for finishing fiber fabric.Dosage 

depends on the finishing fabric and technical requirements to determine, generally add 

0.3 ~ 1% (solid content) according to the water lotion.


Not suitable for white or light colored fabrics, It tends to turn yellow at high temperature.

Packing and storage:

1. should be sealed in a clean Polyethylene plastic barrels or plastic lining steel barrels , 

shall not contact with strong acid, strong alkali substances.

2. It should be stored in a cool and dry place with ventilation. The room temperature should 

be 4 ~ 35℃, not too high or too low.

3.This product packed with 5, 10, 25, 50kg polyethylene plastic barrels or 200kg iron barrels. 

According to non - toxic and non - dangerous goods transportation.

4, the storage period is one year, more than one year, it can still be used after the review.

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