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Product Detail

BY-OH5011 Cationic hydroxyl silicone oil emulsion


Product Characteristic:

This product is a macromolecular organosilicon material made by cationic surfactant 

after emulsion polymerization with high purity octyl cyclosiloxane.

This product has the following properties:

(1)Good softness. Fibers, fabrics or products treated with this product have good 

softness effect.

(2) Good surface smoothness.

(3) Certain film formation performance.

(4) Good compatibility, reactivity: because the two end of the molecule with reactive 

hydroxyl, so it can be mixed with hydrogen-containing silicone oil emulsion into fabric 

water-proofing agent, but also with acrylic acid, polyurethane and other materials to 

become a new material with special use.

(5) good water dispersion: use can be arbitrary proportion of water dispersion, convenient, 

no pollution.

Technical index:

Appearance: milky liquid without mechanical impurities

PH value: 5.0 ~ 7.0

Content :20%±2%, 30%±3%

Stability :3000r/min, 15min without stratification

Product usage:

1, Used for cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic fiber and its fabrics after finishing, 

after finishing fabric, feel soft, smooth, enhance elasticity, wear-resisting, washable, 

and enhance temperature resistance and waterproof performance.

2. Used for processing of all kinds of thread (especially high-speed sewing thread) in 

the line making industry, making it smooth, enhancing the strength and toughness of the 

thread, preventing breakage and improving the sewing speed.

3. Used for treating wigs and similar products, making them soft, shiny and smooth, 

improve carding effect.

4. Used as an isolating agent on the surface of leather products, which can protect the 

leather surface and prevent adhesion.

5. Used as film release agent for rubber, plastic and other materials.

6. Used for lubrication and maintenance of floors, furniture and sofas.

7. Other applications to be developed.

Usage and dosage:

For soft or surface treatment, Generally alone or complex solid content is 1 ~ 5% of the 

solution used. Other applications are based on this reference.


1. This product is a cationic system, so attention should be paid to compatibility with 

other materials, demulsification should be prevented especially when used with anion system, 

2. The product has certain irritation, if accidentally splashed into the eye, immediately 

rinse with water.

Packing and storage:

1. This product is packed in 50kg and 200kg plastic drums.Store and transport according to 

non-dangerous goods.

2. Store in a dry, ventilated and cool place. Avoid strong sunlight and contact with acid 

and alkali.The temperature in the warehouse shall not be lower than 5℃ to avoid freeze 

and demulsification, and shall not be higher than 40℃.

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