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Product Detail

BY-V4011 Vinyl silicone oil emulsion


Product Characteristic:

This product is an emulsion of polydimethylsiloxane with one vinyl at each end 

of the molecular chain. The two-end vinyl has strong reactivity and can be 

compounded with hydrogen-containing silicone oil emulsion (under the action of 

catalyst) to form water-based silicone rubber emulsion for anti-adhesion, mold 

release and coating occasions.It can also be involved in many other reactions, 

such as copolymerization with acrylic monomers in acrylic emulsion polymerization 

to form silicon-acrylic emulsion

Technical index:

Vinyl content % (W/W) : 1.4 ~ 1.5

Base viscosity (25℃) : 250 ~ 300 CP

Appearance: milky white liquid

Solid content: about 40%

Product usage:

1.Used as the base material of water-borne paper anti-stick agent and fabric 

coating agent, mostly used with hydrogen silicone oil emulsion;

2.A modifier for producing silicone - acrylic emulsion by emulsion polymerization;

3.Other USES.

Usage and dosage:

When used for modification, the dosage is 10 ~ 20% of the base material at the 

same concentration.


This product is a chemically active material. Impurities (especially catalyst) 

should not be mixed in the process of storage and transportation. Attention should 

be paid whether other materials can trigger chemical reactions to prevent 

denaturation when using or compatible with other materials.

Packing and storage:

1. The product should be sealed and stored in a dry, ventilated and cool place at 

normal temperature to avoid mixing impurities (especially catalysts, acid and 

alkali substances);

2. With 200 ㎏ iron drum or 50 ㎏, 25 ㎏, 10 ㎏, 5 ㎏ clean polyethylene plastic 


3. Storage and transportation according to non-dangerous goods.

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