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Product Detail

Titanium complex


Product Characteristic:

Physicochemical properties: yellow or orange yellow transparent viscous liquid.

Quality standard: density: d(25) 1.05 ~ 1.10

PH value: 4 ~ 5

Ti content: 8.0%

Solubility: soluble in isopropanol, hydrolyzed with water

Product usage:

Mainly used as vulcanization accelerator for dealcoholized RTV to accelerate 

curing time, adjust the modulus of silica gel after curing, enhance adhesion 

on some substrates, improve storage stability and extend shelf life.Can also 

be used in printing ink, paint, coating and other industries, can be used with

 the substrate and ink, paint connector in the active group cross-linking 

reaction, so that ink, paint adhesion is improved, at the same time heat 

resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance performance is also improved.

Usage and dosage:

Very low concentrations are effective.The amount of active ingredients in the 

foaming solution of about 50ppm is enough for foaming. The following steps can

achieve a complete dispersion effect.

Stir before use → dilute with 3 to 10 parts of water in advance to facilitate

dispersing and stir while adding. The diluted solution should be used 

immediately and can be added directly if the stirring speed is fast enough

Packing and storage:

Storage: store in cool and ventilated place.

Packed in plastic drum, net weight 200kg.

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