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Product Detail

Release agent


Product Characteristic:

This product has strong mold-removing ability, no scaling in the mold,

and the surface of the product is bright and clean, tasteless and 

non-toxic. Compared with other water-emulsion mold-removing agents, the

silicone mold-removing agent has better stability and appearance.

Technical index:

Milky white appearance

20-80% solid content

The proportion of 1.0

PH 7.0 to 8.0

Emulsifier type is non-ionic

Product usage:

1. Above the concrete products: this product is painted or sprayed on 

the inside of the formwork before the formwork is installed. It can be 

easily separated from the concrete surface when the formwork is removed, 

and improve the quality of the concrete surface and increase the turnover 

of the formwork.It is suitable for making cement pipe, high pressure 

cement pipe, bridge, pile, tread floor and all components on building.

2, widely used in rubber or plastic products (brake plate, screw head, plug, 

etc.) demoulding.

3, extrude rubber products (such as conveyor belt lubricant).

4, can be used as car, furniture brightener ingredients, with the minimum 

amount can provide good brightness..

Usage and dosage:

1. According to the purpose, it can be diluted to 1 to 5 times with water. 

Customers can also adjust it according to the actual situation.

2. Do not add any additives to the concentrate except water.

3. Spray mold release agent 3-5 times on the pre-treated or clean mold at 

the normal processing temperature to ensure the uniform mold release.

4. For each spraying, the mold can be removed for 3-5 times.


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